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Reservation service - minimum 4 participants - (0039348.9580802 - 0039327.6888088 -


1 .Adventure to the Mangalaviti forest ,located at 1200 m.s.l.m., place of extraordinary beauty and great charm, territory of the municipal district of Longi. It is characterized by the continuous forestal extensions of oak and beech. At lower altitudes, old growth oaks with considerable specimens, maples, ashes, hollies, yews, wild pear and apple; it preserves aspects of relict vegetation  dominated by the Petagna (Petagnaea gussonei), entity belonging to a monospecific and endemic genre, exclusive of a few stations of the Nebrodi. The Rocche del Crasto are a rock formations of limestone nature, deeply fissured of the Mesozoic era, ideal fortress of the Saracens, today the home of a pair of royal eagle and of griffins ; € 20,00 per person (duration 4 hours);

 2. Adventure through the forests of Mangalaviti  and Scavioli, to the Biviere Lake Cesaro (1278 m) located on the southern slope of the Nebrodi, a large mountain mirror of water of almost twenty hectares, surrounded by impenetrable populations of various hydrophilic species , dominated by majestic beeches, hollies and some rare yew ;   € 25,00 per person (duration 4 hours);


 3. Adventure through the forests of Mangalaviti and Scavioli,to the Lakes of Biviere and Maulazzo (1498 m.s.l.m.) set among the beeches of the forest of Sollazzo Verde; its small mirror of water is dominated by the greatness of the Monte Soro ;  € 30,00 per person (duration 5 hours); 

4. Adventure through the Mangalaviti forest, to the Trearie Lake (1435 m.s.l.m.) ,with its 10 hectares, it's the highest natural lake in Sicily ; Lake Cartolari;  € 35,00 per person (duration 5 hours);

 5. Adventure to the waterfalls of Catafurco  and a hiking of about 800 meters, a wall of almost 30 meters high of limestone rock carved out by the perpetual movement of the water called "muffler of the Giants", (it is possible to swim in the cold waters of the waterfall) ;  € 20,00 per person (duration 4 hours);