Nebrodi Adventure Park - Longi


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YEAR 2019


The entrance to the park is free, for information about the Nebrodi Adventure Park or the hiking itineraries you can ask at the info point.

The MINI-JUNIOR (orange trail), is free, for children from 2 to 5 years of age, they must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult;
Children (from 5 to 9 years and stature> 1.10 m and <1.30 m) € 8.00 (Azure, Yellow and Purple Children trail) Ticket valid 90 minutes
Children (from 10 to 12 years and stature> 1.30 meters ) € 10.00 Ticket valid 120 minutes
(Azure, Yellow, Purple Children and Green trail)
Teenagers ( from 13 to 15 years and stature> 1.40 m) € 15,00 - Ticket valid 120 minutes (Green, Blue, Red and Purple trail)
 Teenagers / adults (16 years and up and stature> 1,40m) € 15,00 - Ticket valid 120 minutes (Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Black trail + gloves)            



The task is to progress along a plane path that develops between a tree and the other, through "ateliers", acrobatic elements, different from each other and with increasing levels of difficulty. When you arrive at the NEBRODI ADVENTURE PARK , take a look around, it's the best way to realize what we propose; you can ask all the information at the Info Point , we will be pleased to provide you any kind of indication. Remember that it is not an activity reserved for Superman, a "normal" physical condition allows everyone to access to the trails and allows to spend a few hours of healthy and enjoyable amusement with the company of friends or family.


The ticket gives the right to use the adventure trails for 2 hours (1:30 hours for children) from the delivery of the equipment: at the Infopoint will be issued a ticket with a time stamp of the briefing . If your briefing is imminent, withdraw the equipment, an assistant will help you to wear the equipment properly and will bring you to the briefing area. Take vision of our regulation and sign the sheet with the rules and instructions that will be delivered at the entrance.


Present an identity document at the InfoPoint for the delivery of the equipment (helmet, harness, carabiners, pulley); 
For families, is one document sufficient; for groups, consider   that the document will be given back only when the 
last component of the group  returns to the   Info point.

Before starting with the trails, each participant must participate at the theoretical and practical demonstration. It is obligatory to follow the regulations of the technical staff. Those who don't follow the instruction and the safety measures given by the instructor will be excluded.

The children trails (Azure, Yellow and Purple Children) must be carried out by children under the supervision 
and responsibility of an adult / parent, who must also follow the briefing. Minors are only allowed on the trails 
with the presence of an adult, who will sign the sheet of the access regulation of the park.

Along the trails you will be totally independent, always under the supervision of a park assistant. Safety is always maximum, provided that you follow the easy rules of the instructions. It is recommended to start from the Green trail, the easiest, and then to follow in sequence of difficulty the various trails. In case of need or trouble the instructor will bring you back to the ground.



Within two hours (for children up to 1.30 hours) after the delivery of the equipment you have to return it to the info point. A delay entails a penalty of  5 € per 15 minutes. Consider that other people might already booked for the time when you have to return it, so please be considerate.


-We recommend a sporty and comfortable clothing and the use of appropriate footwear

- During the participation of the trails it is forbidden to carry objects that can injure or cause danger to oneself and to other people (backpacks, jewelry, phones etc.)

-The equipment delivered by us (helmet, harness, carabiners and pulley) can only be used after the instructions given by the instructor. It is forbidden to give the equipment to other people

- The instructors will always be at your disposal to advise and help if needed.


Privacy: a norma di legge Vi informiamo che i dati che ci fornite al momento della firma sull'accettazione del regolamento  vengono conservati dal responsabile della struttura, il documento che lasciate all'Infopoint vi viene riconsegnato al momento della consegna dell'attrezzatura da parte di tutto il gruppo di cui fa parte l'intestatario del documento.